tour guide online independent learning study from the virtual community perspective CORD-Papers-2021-10-25 (Version 1)

Title: Tour guide online independent learning study from the virtual community perspective
Abstract: In the special period by the outbreak of COVID-19, the online independent study should be made full use under the epidemic situation to meet the needs of tour guides to enhance their competitiveness in the new era to meet the needs of tourists Through the questionnaire pre-survey, in-depth interviews post-survey and big data analyses in 2017-2019 from nation wide 'Tour Guide Training Cloud Classroom' implemented by the state on the aspects of tour guide satisfaction and experience on the current online independent study, this study aims to establish online independent study virtual community, innovating the content and forms of learning, and providing a model of continuous learning and lifelong learning for tour guides Under modern technology and conditions, it could build up the mechanism for tour guides with the integration of travel industry, university and research with the theory and practice highly combined for tour guides to accumulate knowledge, improve skills and explore the new learning model 2020 IEEE
Published: 2020
Journal: 2020 International Conference on E-Commerce and Internet Technology, ECIT 2020
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