the arch bridge sign a newly described ct feature of the coronavirus disease 19 covid 19 CORD-Papers-2021-10-25 (Version 1)

Title: The arch bridge sign: a newly described CT feature of the coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) pneumonia
Abstract: BACKGROUND: To investigate the distribution of CT features and also to introduce a novel described CT feature of coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) pneumonia METHODS: A series of radiologic signs in 11 COVID-19 patients were summarized and made morphometric analysis RESULTS: A special sign termed as the arch bridge sign owing to its morphological mimicking an arch bridge was firstly introduced Statistical analyze showed that the subpleural area is the priority distribution location (14/14) and the sign inclined to perform in those patients in a relatively early stage (6/8) and with moderate clinical severity (8/8) Segment VI in lower lobe involved most (6/14) In this retrospective study, other characteristic radiologic signs of COVID-19 pneumonia were analyzed synchronously A series of radiologic signs were identified in bilateral lungs with a bias towards segment VI, I + II and X Segment VI had the largest number of each sign Ground-glass opacities (GGOs), subpleural distribution pattern and vessels dilatation were the top three most common signs among them CONCLUSIONS: The recognition of the arch bridge sign may benefit patient care by earlier definitive diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia The lesions of COVID-19 pneumonia distributed mainly in the back-lung segments, which characteristic may light new ideas in clinical treatment and nursing strategy
Published: 2020
Journal: Quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery
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