strategies derived from covid 19 outbreak containment for improving the long term CORD-Papers-2021-10-25 (Version 1)

Title: Strategies Derived from COVID-19 Outbreak Containment for Improving the Long-term Mechanism of Developing the Community Public Health Team
Abstract: Background: Community-based containment of COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 in China has revealed that community public health professionals involving in the containment are insufficient and their distribution is uneven,so it is urgently to strengthen and improve the development of community public health(CPH) teams Objective: To summarize and analyze the main problems in long-term development of CPH teams and community-based COVID-19 containment,and based on this,to develop strategies for improving long-term construction of CPH teams amid COVID-19 Methods We collected the data during February to April 2020 by reviewing the contents of Essential Information of Community Health Professionals in Beijing legally reported to Beijing Municipal Health Commission We analyzed the trend of changes in the quantity,structure,post attraction and distribution inequality(using Gini coefficient) of incumbent CPH professionals during 10 consecutive years(2010-2019) using descriptive analysis Results: The annual growth rate of the number of CPH professionals was 5 58%(from 2 139 in 2010 to 3 488 in 2019),which was higher than that of community staff(3 25%) and health professionals(3 26%) in the same period The average age of CPH professionals was(35 910 7) years in 2010,and (37 69 4) years in 2019 The proportion of young people(under 30 years old) decreased(2=197 252,P<0 001)compared to 2010 In 2010,those with three-year college degree were the majority(41 37%),while in 2019,those with 5-year college degree were the majority(46 33%) The percentage of those with an intermediate or senior professional title increased from 26 60% to 38 27% The percentage of Beijing natives decreased from 74 10% to 70 99% The percentage of officially budgeted decreased from 82 89% to 78 21% Except those retired normally,a total of 1 327 cases flowed out The number and percentage of cases flowed out increased yearly Gini coefficients for CPH professionals distribution by the number of population and geography were 0 300 1,and 0 763 6,respectively in 2010,and were 0 222 8,and 0 696 6,respectively in 2019 Conclusion: The number of CPH professionals,as same as the structure of education and professional titles,has been gradually optimized during long-term construction in Beijing Local government-led community health system can ensure a high level of equity in the distribution of CPH professionals based on population and ensure the effective implementation of epidemic containment and other community public health services However,some problems have gradually revealed,such as gradually increased average age of CPH professionals,and decreased post attraction,which are worth noting and thinking for the sake of further optimizing the long-term mechanism of developing the CPH team Copyright 2020 by the Chinese General Practice
Published: 2020
Journal: Chinese General Practice
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