role of inflammation in virus pathogenesis during pregnancy CORD-Papers-2022-06-02 (Version 1)

Title: Role of inflammation in virus pathogenesis during pregnancy
Abstract: Viral infections during pregnancy lead to a spectrum of maternal and fetal outcomes ranging from asymptomatic disease to more critical conditions presenting with severe maternal morbidity stillbirth preterm birth intrauterine growth restriction and fetal congenital anomalies either apparent at birth or later in life In this article we review the pathogenesis of several viral infections that are particularly relevant in the context of pregnancy and intrauterine inflammation Understanding the diverse mechanisms employed by viral pathogens as well as the repertoire of immune responses induced in the mother may help to establish novel therapeutic options to attenuate changes in the maternal-fetal interface and prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes
Published: 2021
Journal: Journal of Virology
Author Name: Chudnovets A
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Author Name: Liu J
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Author Name: Narasimhan H
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Author Name: Liu Y
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Author Name: Burd I
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