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Title: Research on location-based services in COVID-19: Integrating GIS technology and personal information
Abstract: As a strategic resource personal location information has played a key role in responding to the impact of COVID-19 In China while LBS integrating GIS technology and personal information is widely used it also faces the challenge of how to develop reliable LBS application This research summarizes the city-communitybig data framework followed by LBS and combs applying patterns of personal location information at city-level and community-level respectively On this basis the problems such as privacy security and data credibility are analyzed Then according to the problem-oriented principle the layered structure about GIS and LBS is proposed This structure is an innovative conceptual model that not only defines location data for GIS-calculations and personal information for LBS applications but also emphasizes the connection between the two The results of this paper may provide suggestions for the construction of LBS related systems in response to public health emergencies 2020 ACM
Published: 2020
Journal: Proc. ACM SIGSPATIAL Int. Workshop Emerg. Manag. using GIS EM-GIS
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