online and offline hybrid teaching mode on computer course under medical background CORD-Papers (Version 1)

Title: Online and Offline Hybrid Teaching Mode on Computer Course under Medical Background
Abstract: Involved in the impending era of 'Internet + ' and big data educational informatization has been driving the modernization of education and promoting the deep integration of information technology and teaching. The 'Fundamentals of College Computer' course is a public compulsory course for medical colleges. In order to meet the professional requirements of medical colleges benefitting from the massive online teaching resources during the novel coronavirus epidemic this paper applies the teaching paradigm of 'online preview + offline teaching + online afterschool test + offline computer assessment' to exploit the advantages of online and offline hybrid teaching. The teaching practice has showed the establishment of the compound hybrid teaching model under medical big data background is an effective exploration to facilitate the development of medical information. 2021 IEEE.
Published: 2021
Journal: 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Educational Informatization CSEI 2021
DOI: 10.1109/csei51395.2021.9477744
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