high mechanical resolution pressure sensor based on melt blown fibers in integrated CORD-Papers-2022-06-02 (Version 1)

Title: High-Mechanical-Resolution Pressure Sensor Based on Melt-Blown Fibers in Integrated Wearable Mask for Respiratory Monitoring
Abstract: With the worldwide spreading of the dreaded COVID-19 epidemic wearing masks becomes the most effective approach to prevent infectious respiratory diseases from transmission for continuous monitoring of respiratory signals acts as a significant status in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Herein a convenient mask-based respiration sensor was designed to access multiple high-resolution respire-related states in a wearable and noninvasive manner. Combining the intrinsically low compression strains and large contact domains of the melt-blown fibers with continuously optimized multi-purpose (improve electrical property regulate mechanical modulus and enhance environmental stability) conductive materials together the fabricated sensor exhibited a high sensitivity of 43.6 per kilopascal a rapid response time of 28 ms as well as low fatigue over 10000 s. Furthermore a wearable mask that integrated respiration sensor is capable of collecting a variety of breathing states including cough exercise sit and other multiple patterns correlated respiratory dynamics. As a result it can provide a facile and low-overhead designing strategy for human respiratory analysis which enables real-time respiratory monitoring with this wearable device to protect against respire-related diseases. IEEE
Published: 2021
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
DOI: 10.1109/ted.2021.3111845
DOI_URL: http://doi.org/10.1109/ted.2021.3111845
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