factors influencing chinese residents apos post pandemic outbound travel intentions CORD-Papers-2022-06-02 (Version 1)

Title: Factors influencing Chinese residents' post-pandemic outbound travel intentions: an extended theory of planned behavior model based on the perception of COVID-19
Abstract: Purpose: This study aims to explore the factors influencing the post-pandemic intentions of Chinese residents to participate in outbound travel The mechanism by which residents' perception of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) influenced their outbound travel intentions are studied Design/methodology/approach: This study developed an extended theory of planned behavior (TPB) model and used structural equations to analyze data received from 432 questionnaires Responses were obtained through a combination of online surveys and a traditional paper-based distribution of questionnaires Findings: Results showed that attitude subjective norms perceived behavioral control and past outbound travel behavior have significant positive effects on post-pandemic outbound travel intentions Although the perception of COVID-19 directly and negatively influences outbound travel intentions it also has an indirect influence on outbound travel intentions through the mediating effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions The authors also found that risk tolerance has a negative moderating effect on the direct impact of residents' perception of COVID-19 on their travel intentions Practical implications: The findings can serve as a reference for formulating appropriate tourism development policies by government agencies tourism management departments and tourism enterprises in destination countries Originality/value: This study developed an extended TPB model by adding more constructs into the TPB model Compared with the original TPB model the extended TPB model has better explanatory power of post-pandemic travel intentions The study also provides evidence for the applicability of the TPB model in studying travel intentions within the context of major public health emergencies and has expanded the application scope of the TPB model 2021 Emerald Publishing Limited
Published: 2021
Journal: Tourism Review
Author Name: Liu Y
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Author Name: Shi H
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Author Name: Li Y
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