design and implementation of appointment management system for the innovation laboratory CORD-Papers-2021-10-25 (Version 1)

Title: Design and Implementation of Appointment Management System for the Innovation Laboratory
Abstract: The Innovation Laboratory provides a research environment for undergraduate students of Nankai University. In response to COVID-19 prevention, we design and develop the Appointment Management System, which transfers the lab management from offline to online. The system has three major functions. Firstly, the regulations learning module provides the necessary knowledge of the laboratory usages. Secondly, the appointment module implements the complete processing of laboratory applications and reviews. Thirdly, the usage statistic module realizes the functions of lab monitoring and access controlling. Therefore, the system enables a contactless lab management model, which greatly reduces the risk of infectious diseases spreading. The Appointment Management System not only improves the laboratory management scientifically, but also provides powerful security for the faculty and students' research environment during the epidemic. 2021 IEEE.
Published: 2021
Journal: 2nd International Conference on Education, Knowledge and Information Management, ICEKIM 2021
DOI: 10.1109/icekim52309.2021.00200
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