analysis of anti coronavirus mechanism of xiaoer feire kechuan particles based on CORD-Papers-2022-06-02 (Version 1)

Title: Analysis of anti-coronavirus mechanism of Xiaoer Feire Kechuan Particles based on network pharmacology
Abstract: Objective: To explore the potential anti-coronavirus mechanism of Xiaoer Feire Kechuan Particles (XFKP) Methods: TCMIP database was used to search and summarize the information of each medicinal herbs-components-target of XFKP All the candidate target genes were also searched Corona virus was used as the key word in Genecards database to search for corona virus related targets and the mapping of the active targets with XFKP were used to select the common targets as the research targets The selected common targets will be found in the summarized database of each medicinal herbs-components-target The common targets were imported into the STRING database to construct the network diagram of target interaction and Cytoscape 3 3 0 software was used for visualization processing to screen out the core targets With the help of OmicsBean analysis platform and String database Gene ontology (GO) biological process analysis and KEGG signal pathway enrichment analysis were carried out on the target Results: A total of 342 chemical components and 737 candidate target genes were obtained Venny mapped 48 common targets corresponding to 173 compounds 19 core targets and 27 main compounds GO biological process (BP) entries included 3 420 cell component (CC) entries included 239 and molecular function (MF) entries included 343 Through KEGG enrichment analysis 160 signal pathways related to the therapeutic effect of XFKP were obtained The medicinal herbs-components-target-pathway network of the key targets of XFKP was established Conclusion: The 173 compounds can intervene 160 signaling pathways by acting on 48 related targets such as IL-17 signaling pathway influenza A etc mainly involving anti-inflammation immune regulation relieving cough and asthma antibacterial antiviral and sedative aspects providing theoretical basis for the treatment of corona virus-related diseases with XFKP
Published: 2020
Journal: Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs
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