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Title: AI in My Life: AI Ethics & Privacy Workshops for 15-16-Year-Olds
Abstract: AI in My Life' project will engage 500 Dublin teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds in a 15-week (20-hour) co-created interactive workshop series encouraging them to reflect on their experiences in a world shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal data processing and digital transformation. Students will be empowered to evaluate the ethical and privacy implications of AI in their lives to protect their digital privacy and to activate STEM careers and university awareness. It extends the DCU TY' programme for innovative educational opportunities for Transition Year students from underrepresented communities in higher education. Privacy and cybersecurity researchers and public engagement professionals from the SFI Centres ADAPT1 and Lero2 will join experts from the Future of Privacy Forum3 and the INTEGRITY H20204 project to deliver the programme to the DCU Access5 22-school network. DCU Access has a mission of creating equality of access to third-level education for students from groups currently underrepresented in higher education. Each partner brings proven training activities in AI ethics and privacy. A novel blending of material into a youth-driven narrative will be the subject of initial co-creation workshops and supported by pilot material delivery by undergraduate DCU Student Ambassadors. Train-The-Trainer workshops and a toolkit for teachers will enable delivery. The material will use a blended approach (in person and online) for delivery during COVID-19. It will also enable wider use of the material developed. An external study of programme effectiveness will report on participants': enhanced understanding of AI and its impact improved data literacy skills in terms of their understanding of data privacy and security empowerment to protect privacy growth in confidence in participating in public discourse about STEM increased propensity to consider STEM subjects at all levels and greater capacity of teachers to facilitate STEM interventions. This paper introduces the project presents more details about co-creation workshops that is a particular step in the proposed methodology and reports some preliminary results. 2021 Owner/Author.
Published: 2021
Journal: 13th ACM Web Science Conference WebSci 2021
DOI: 10.1145/3462741.3466664
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