advancing green energy solution with the impetus of covid 19 pandemic CORD-Papers-2021-10-25 (Version 1)

Title: Advancing green energy solution with the impetus of COVID-19 pandemic
Abstract: The global energy system needs a revolutionary transition from today's fossil fuel to a low carbon energy system by having deep carbonization in all energy demand sectors Especially in the transport sector, fossil fuel-based vehicles contribute to a more massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter (PM2 5), affecting human health, society, and the climate system Hydrogen and fuel cell technology is a promising low carbon transition pathway that supports GHG mitigation and achieves sustainable development Although hydrogen and fuel cells are assuring, fuel cell vehicle expensiveness and the high cost of hydrogen production with the low carbon footprint are significant hindrances for its widespread deployment Besides the situation above, the present corona virus (COVID-19) has devastated our global economy and ramps down the future of fossil fuel It provides opportunities to rethink and reshape our energy system to a low carbon footprint By utilizing the situation, governments and policymakers need to eliminate fossil fuel and invest in the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies deployment as future energy systems This review article provides a technical overview of a low carbon energy system, production, and end-use service in a hydrogen economy perspective for developing a sustainable energy future The techno-economic analysis of the different hydrogen production routines and fuel cell vehicles and their infrastructures are primarily focused Finally, a long-term policy alignment was outlined to advance the hydrogen energy system for post-COVID-19 in the United Nation's (UN) sustainable development goals framework 2020 Science Press
Published: 2021
Journal: Journal of Energy Chemistry
Author Name: Mohideen, M M
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