a clinical multi center study of pregnant women with covid 19 in hubei china CORD-Papers (Version 1)

Title: A Clinical Multi-center Study of Pregnant Women with COVID-19 in Hubei China
Abstract: Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has rapidly spread to more than 200 countries. Thus far reports regarding multi-center data from throughout gestation in women with COVID-19 and newborn outcomes are scarce. Methods: : We retrospectively reviewed data from 92 pregnant women with COVID-19 (PW-COVID-19) and their 78 newborns from 27 hospitals in 12 regions of Hubei China. The demographic epidemiological clinical laboratory and therapeutic data and pregnancy perinatal and neonatal outcomes were analyzed. Follow-up was censored until April 7 2020. Findings: Median maternal age was 31.0 years (IQR 280-330) with nine patients in the first trimester five in the second trimester and 78 in the third trimester. None of the patients died and most (924%) recovered and were discharged. Seventy-five deliveries (including three sets of twins) comprised 66 cesarean sections and nine vaginal deliveries with 21 preterm and 57 full-term infants. Seventeen live births had radiological findings of pulmonary infection. One newborn tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid and three newborns were viral antibody-positive: two IgG (+) and IgM (-) and one IgG (+) and IgM (+). The median suspected duration of virus exposure was 7 days (IQR 0 to 27). Interpretation: Compared to the pregnant women with other viral infections such as SARS MERS and Zika virus infection PW-COVID-19 had similar manifestations and relatively better outcomes. The termination time and delivery mode in PW-COVID-19 should be evaluated based on both the maternal and fetal situations. The possibility of maternal-to-fetal transmission of SARS-CoV-2 requires further investigation.Authors Shujie Liao and Renjie Wang contributed equally to this work.
Published: 2020
DOI: 10.21203/rs.3.rs-27398/v1
DOI_URL: http://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-27398/v1
Author Name: Liao Shujie Wang R
Author link: https://covid19-data.nist.gov/pid/rest/local/author/liao_shujie_wang_r
Author Name: Wu D
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Author Name: Fang D
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Author Name: Dong D
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Author Name: Tao Z
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Author Name: Yang H
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Author Name: Zeng W
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Author Name: Peng Q
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Author Name: Peng J
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Author Name: Wu Y
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Author Name: Chen S
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Author Name: Lin X
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Author Name: Xiong G
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Author Name: Ma X
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Author Name: You A
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Author Name: Lu L
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Author Name: Dai W
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Author Name: Hu C
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Author Name: Zheng J
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Author Name: Xiao F
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Author Name: Wang Y
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Author Name: He W
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Author Name: Li H
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Author Name: Xing H
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Author Name: Huang Y
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Author Name: Sun D
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Author Name: Liu X
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Author Name: Wang L
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Author Name: Hu X
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Author Name: Zhao L
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